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it's cocktail time

you're one click away from
the best mixology experiences on earth

why have a cocktail workshop with us?

  • Our world-class cocktail educators offer a wealth of knowledge in a fun, easy-going, and inclusive setting

  • Our Ultimate Cocktail Kits are a spectacular gifting moment that matches your brand and style

  • Professional Audio, Video, and Lighting, because you deserve a Netflix-quality experience

  • Trusted by Fortune 1000 Brands, like Shopify, DoorDash, Google, Boston Consulting Group, Lenovo, and countless others

  • We're Masters of Engaging Audiences, and have over 35,000 attendees


Amplify your next webinar

Chasing that next big deal with your prospective clients?

Take our gifting experiences for a spin, and then step everything up to the highest level by having us come in to provide a cocktail-break that will keep your next big whale excited about finding out more about how your brand can help them.

We are proven experts at:

  • Generating positive audience response

  • Keeping your audience engaged and interested

  • Integrating with brand and CX journey-mappers

Ready to start planning your next big win? 

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