it's cocktail time

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why have a cocktail workshop with us?

  • Our world-class cocktail educators offer a wealth of knowledge in a fun, easy-going, and inclusive setting

  • Our Ultimate Cocktail Kits are a spectacular gifting moment that matches your brand and style

  • Professional Audio, Video, and Lighting, because you deserve a Netflix-quality experience

  • Trusted by Fortune 1000 Brands, like Shopify, DoorDash, Google, Boston Consulting Group, Lenovo, and countless others

  • We're Masters of Engaging Audiences, and have over 220 events and 12,000 attendees in 2021 to thank for that. 


Amplify your next webinar

Chasing that next big deal with your prospective clients?

Take our gifting experiences for a spin, and then step everything up to the highest level by having us come in to provide a cocktail-break that will keep your next big whale excited about finding out more about how your brand can help them.

We are proven experts at:

  • Generating positive audience response

  • Keeping your audience engaged and interested

  • Integrating with brand and CX journey-mappers

Ready to start planning your next big win?