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Attendees experiencing a joyful mixology experience online with Happy Hour Academy

Virtual Mixology Experiences

That Stir Excitement

Dive into an immersive Mixology journey crafted to delight virtual event attendees, with delicious cocktails in-tow.

Amplify your client-facing interactions, foster lasting bonds with your remote work peers, and learn how to make a fantastic cocktail, all-in-one.  Our Virtual Mixology Experiences let you dive into a world where incredible gifting converges with collaboration, creativity, and entertainment that is loved by influential organizations from all over the world. 

Why Happy Hour Academy?

Premium Gifting

Minimize gifting waste with an exquisitely curated section of cocktail kits that can be tailored to meet your brand guidelines to the letter. 


With an array of in-house branding capabilities, each and every touchpoint of our kits can be customized to fit your occasion like a glove.

Our cocktail kits are also 100% inclusive -- enjoying alcohol is never a pre-requisite for enjoying any of our experiences.


Spirits Delivery available in Canada and USA.

World-Class Hosts

Streaming live in 4K with multiple camera angles and professional audio, our team of World-Class Mixologists are ready to engage with and entertain your group with a charisma that enlivens all occasions. 


We turn every virtual gathering into a memorable journey of storytelling and practical Mixology concepts that anyone can learn. 

All-In-One  Support

Marketers and Event Planners can kick their feet up knowing that our expert planners can help before, during and post-event.  From crafting compelling landing pages, managing registration processes, to handling your clients' data securely, to in-event gamification and engagement packages -- we've got your back, every step of the way. 


Every touchpoint is optimized for engagement, enabling you to focus on creating memorable connections.

happy hour academy's corporate gifting, angular view of an ultimate cocktail kit with stainless cocktail shaker gleaming

Ultimate Cocktail Kit Experience

Experience the perfect combination of Spirited Corporate Gifting and World-Class Mixology with these All-In-One masterpieces.  Curated with a mix of iconic classics and a rotating seasonal menu of innovative modern tipples, we have the perfect Ultimate Cocktail Kit ready and waiting for you to customize to perfection. 

What's Inside?

  • 304 Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

  • 304 Stainless Steel Measuring Jigger

  • Sealed Bottle of Hero Spirit

  • Hand-Crafted Cocktail Syrups

  • Premium Juices & Sodas

  • Sealed Garnish Packets

  • Complimentary Branded Welcome Card With Recipes

  • Up-to 90 Minute Virtual Mixology Experience

Customization Options

  • Rose Gold, Gold, Gunmetal Bar Tools

  • Engraved Bar Tools

  • Branded Garnish Stencils

  • Branded Packaging/Boxes

  • Snack Pairings

  • Spirit Upgrades

  • Individualized Welcome Cards

  • Gamification

  • Don't see what you're looking to customize? Let our procurement experts find the perfect item for you.

Virtual Experience Options

Grocery List Guided Tour

If your globally distributed team, association, or large social committee is looking to get together for a delightful virtual cocktail hour with their peers, look no further than the Grocery List Guided Tour. 


1. Pick your cocktails

2. Share our grocery list with your team

3. Shake up your workday with cocktails they'll love, with practical guidance along the way that will have everyone pumped up about making cocktails for their friends after the final cheers at the end of our workshop experience.

What's Inside?

  • Branded Grocery List: complete with allergy and diet-sensitive substitution options

  • Up to 60 minute Virtual Mixology Experience

  • PDF copy of Recipe Guide to Experience

Customization Options​​

  • Ice Breakers & Gamification

Examples Of Our Work

cocktail kit with custom engraving work for cerave/l'oreal


Custom cocktail kit packaging for Twitter (X)


Custom Design Graphic for Print for inclusion in cocktail kits for Twitch/Amazon


Ready to get started?

miniature cocktail kit with premium sodas and alcohol-free spirits, to accompany a virtual mixology experience


On Demand

The perfect cocktail care package for large groups, or for those who might not need a ton of customization or bar tools.  Daiquiri On Demand comes packed with a complete set of ingredients to make world-class cocktails right at your desk, or couch, or just about anywhere else: as long as you've got ice and a glass or two,

Daiquiri On Demand will bring the rest

to the party!

What's Inside?

  • Sealed Bottle of Hero Spirit

  • Hand-Crafted Cocktail Syrups

  • Premium Juices & Sodas

  • Sealed Garnish Packets

  • Recipe Cards

  • Up to 60-minute Virtual Mixology Experience

Customization Options​​

  • Branded Garnish Stencils

  • Branded Packaging/Boxes

  • Snack Pairings

  • Spirit Upgrades

  • Gamification

  • Branded Welcome Cards

  • Don't see what you're looking to customize? Let our procurement experts find the perfect item for you.

How To Book With Us

Choose Your Experience

Looking for cocktail kits? We offer a variety of exciting cocktail kits with packages built to dazzle your peers. 

Don't need cocktail kits? Our Grocery List Guided Tours are spectacular fun.

Customize Your Experience

Work with our Event Gifting Professionals to build the perfect cocktail kit for you.  From branded shakers, snacks, logo stencils and more, the possibilities are endless.

Looking for a little team building? Foster connections with new teammates by adding an Ice Breaker; or, Gamify the event with one of our fourth-wall-breaking interactive games. 

Kick Back & Relax

Once we have registration data for your event, we'll get to work to build and ship out our stunning cocktail kits to the doors of each of your recipients. 

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