Let us bring the bar to your team with our hilarious, exuberant, super-polished workshops and breakouts. 

Why book a virtual cocktail workshop?


Are your remote work teammates starting to get that 'glazed-over-Zoom-fatigue' expression on their faces? 


Do you have clients that are scattered all over the place that you wish you could deliver a personalized experience to show that you appreciate them?


Are your friends and family stuck on a remote island somewhere and can't hang with you? there a pandemic going on?


If you answered yes to any of the above, Happy Hour Academy's Ultimate Cocktail Experiences are perfect for you!


how it works

Booking your very own experience with Happy Hour Academy is incredibly easy!​


Whether you want our signature Ultimate Cocktail Kits, our Daiquiri on Demand Kits, or the Grocery List Guided Experience, your attendees will get the same award-winning cocktail event experience that we're known for.  

Even if some of your colleagues choose to not consume alcohol, we have you covered! Every single one of our cocktail kits can be converted to an

alcohol-free experience with the substitute of our incredible alcohol-free spirits.

When you're ready to book, all you need to do is: 



Every great conversation starts with a topic.  Our mixology workshops are categorized by themes that are as much fun as they cocktails are delicious.

Our spirit-based themes are just educational enough to provide a practical learning experience in a super-fun setting.


And again, we can't emphasize this enough... the cocktails are super-delicious.

Check out our brand new holiday cocktail rotation:


Cocktail #1 -- Holiday Sweater Vibes: rum, apple cider, cranberry & winter-spice syrup, lime juice, orange

Cocktail #2 - Pear for the Course: rum, poached pear & cinnamon Syrup, pear nectar, lime juice

playa del sol (Tequila)

Cocktail #1 -- La Manzanita: Tequila, Smoked Apple Agave Nectar, Lime Juice, Pear Nectar, Smoked Sea Salt

Cocktail #2 - All I want is Yu-zu: tequila, lime juice, tajin-infused coriander and thai chili syrup, yuzu juice

manchester holiday market (GIN)

Cocktail #1 -- Cranberry Gin-Gin Mule: gin, cranberry-mint-basil syrup, lime juice, ginger beer

Cocktail #2 - Be My Clementine: gin, clementine juice, cinnamon-rosemary-orange oleo, lime juice

home for the holidays (canadian whisky)

Cocktail #1 - Fireplace Channel Fiesta:  whisky, mulled wine syrup, lime juice, cranberry juice, orange

Cocktail #2 - Gingerbread Mule: whisky, holiday spiced gingerbread syrup, lime juice, apple cider, ginger beer

Sterling cooper draper price (bourbon)

Cocktail #1 - Smokey Joe Sour: Bourbon, Vanilla & Thyme-Infused Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Aquafaba

Cocktail #2 - Louisville & Stormy -  Bourbon, Brown Sugar & Mint Syrup, Lemon Juice, Peach Nectar, Ginger Beer

What kind of experience would you like?

Whether or not you need cocktail kits, custom branding, or just about anything you can think of, we've got you covered with these booking options.

1. Grocery list guide

Just the workshop with a simple, easy-to-understand grocery list for everyone to get before we go live on event day.

2. daiquiri on demand

Gorgeous mini cocktail kits that include all the hand-made syrups, liquor (where allowed), nonalcoholic spirits, juices, premium garnish, and a 4x6 recipe card to the workshop


Our signature experience, the Ultimate Cocktail Kit Experience includes absolutely everything your attendees will need to nail the workshop cocktails, including all of the premium Japanese Steel Bar Tools,  hand-made syrups, a larger bottle of liquor (where allowed), nonalcoholic spirits, juices, premium garnish, and a compimentary 5x7 full-colour co-branded recipe card with the option to be fully customized with any messaging you would like


Our experts are ready to make your bespoke experience really shine in front of your clients and team.  Show them some love in a way that matches the power of your brand with our incredible customization options.


Our kits are completely modular, meaning just about everything can be branded to fit your style guide.  Everything from the shakers, to the cocktail kit gift boxes themselves can be custom branded for you.  With our in-house design team, you can think of us as an extension of your team, turning your workshop into a true experience that takes all of the heavy lifting off of your shoulders! 


Your event day

In approximately one hour, your team will:

- learn a new skill (or brush up on that old college skill)

- discover something new about the world of spirits

- show off their shake and strain technique for their friends

- engage and interact with their friends and coworkers

- enjoy at least TWO world-class cocktail made by their new favorite mixologist: themselves! :)

Additional Audience Engagement and Gamification Options exist as well. 


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