With our hilarious, delicious, super-polished workshop experiences, we bring the cocktail-bar experience directly to your screen.

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more fun than an actual night out. 

We pack more fun (fun, fun) into our workshops than a Rebecca Black song.  With over 25,000 thrilled attendees who have joined Happy Hour Academy from the most influential organizations in the world, we can prove it!

Our magical virtual mixology experiences are enterprise-ready and perfect for everyone, including:

  • Sales Enablement Events

  • Experiential Activations

  • Team-Building

  • Client/Team Meetings/Kickoffs

  • Membership Drives

  • Product Launches

  • Influencer Events

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how we work
(for everyone!).


Our virtual cocktail experiences are built from the ground-up to be enjoyed by absolutely everyone who steps through the doors of our internet cocktail bar.


In approximately 60 minutes (we're flexible on timing), we'll take your group on a thrilling guided tour through two world-class cocktails in a fun, easy-to-understand, and riotously funny setting.

Broadcasting live from our professional studio to the screens of your attendees, our expert hosts will share their mixology secrets with your attendees to make sure they leave our experiences with everything they need to know to continue exploring their own cocktail-making journey after the workshop ends.

We even have slick, complimentary gamification and ice-breaking options to keep your group engaged, laughing, and having more fun than in real life. 

Whether you're looking to gift your attendees with one of our beautiful cocktail kits with spirits and premium hand-crafted ingredients, or simply a grocery list, we tailor-make all of our workshops to ensure your attendees will get the same award-winning cocktail event experience that we're known for.  

Excited yet? Here's the best part: We're inclusive to absolutely everyone! Every Happy Hour Academy cocktail workshop has an alcohol-free cocktail kit and recipe guide to match the more spirit-forward versions of our creations, so you don't have to worry about accommodating guests that choose to not consume alcoholic beverages.  All you need to do is leave the choice up to the individual, and we'll handle the rest!

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cocktail kit booking options.

Let our expert gifting team take the heavy work off of our shoulders, with beautiful cocktail kits that fit your brand perfectly. 


With a wide variety of workshop, gifting, and snack pairing options, booking your surprise & delight filled cocktail adventure with Happy Hour Academy has never been easier! 


We offer two styles of cocktail kit packages, to fit your team's budget.  Check them out below:

daiquiri on demand

Super-cute mini cocktail kits that include:

  • premium hand-crafted syrups to make two different cocktails

  • spirit (or alcohol-free substitute)

  • premium juices & garnish

  • 4x6 recipe card

Pricing starts at $67 per kit + shipping

the all-inclusive

(our ultimate cocktail kit experience)

This must be the place, for our signature experience.  If you're looking to give your attendees a truly incredible 'unboxing moment' to get everyone super-excited about the workshop experience to come, look no further than The All-Inclusive Cocktail Kit Experience. 


With this cocktail kit, your attendees will receive absolutely everything they need to make the workshop cocktails, with premium bar tools and added perks to make sure they know how appreciated they are, including:

  • Japanese stainless steel bar tools

  • a fully-customizable branded recipe card, including complimentary personalized messaging and graphic design work

  • premium hand-crafted syrups to make 3 copies of our workshop cocktails (6 cocktails in total!)

  • premium juices & garnish

  • premium cocktail bar-worthy garnish 

  • a larger individual bottle of spirit (or alcohol-free substitute)

Pricing starts at $89 per kit + shipping

The grocery list

guided tour

Perfect for associations, families, friend-groups,  or tighter budgets

Our grocery list guided tours offer a great introductory experience into the world of cocktail-making.  We'll send out a simple grocery list for your team to pick up, and then show your group how easy it is to dive into the world of world-class mixology with some clever tips along the way.

Pricing starts at $600 per workshop (unlimited attendees)


spring '22
cocktail kit menu

We keep our world-class selection of cocktails super-fresh, rotating in brand new cocktails every season.  If you're looking to book with us for a Spring workshop with cocktail kits, look no further than right here:

virtual HOLIDAY VACATION (RUM/daiquiris)

Cocktail #1 - Imaginary Sunburn: rum, grapefruit & pink peppercorn oleo, peach nectar, lime juice, salt

Cocktail #2 -- Pina-Matcha Daiquiri: rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, pineapple-matcha syrup, salt

playa del sol (Tequila/margaritas)

Cocktail #1 - Hot Mess: tequila, peach nectar, lime juice, fever-tree ginger beer, mango-chili syrup
Cocktail #2 - Tommy's Pear Margarita: tequila, lime juice, pear nectar, lemongrass and key lime syrup, smoky salt

Option #3 - Picante de la Casita (Spicy Margarita): Tequila, Chili-Yuzu-Coriander Syrup, Lime Juice, Tajin Habanero, 

LONDON Zoom Calling (GIN smash/gimlet)

Cocktail #1 - Painted Mountain Smash: gin, apricot & pink peppercorn shrub, peach nectar, fever-tree tonic, lime juice
Cocktail #2 - Juniper's Orbit: gin, lime juice, butterfly pea & lemon zest oleo, pear nectar

Option #3 - Clover Club High: gin, raspberry-mint shrub, lime juice, aquafaba

plaid checks, flannel stripes (canadian whisky)

Cocktail #1 - The Cottage Opener: whisky, ginger-lime syrup, lime juice, fever-tree ginger beer
Cocktail #2 - Saturday Sour: whisky, peach nectar, aquafaba, lemon juice, basil & lime leaf syrup

Sterling cooper draper price (bourbon)

Cocktail #1 - Smokey Joe Sour: Bourbon, Vanilla & Thyme-Infused Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Aquafaba

Cocktail #2 - Louisville & Stormy -  Bourbon, Brown Sugar & Mint Syrup, Lemon Juice, Peach Nectar, Ginger Beer


amplify your experience.

Every component of your group's cocktail experience is fully customizable, including:

  • Fully Branded Gift Boxes

  • Branded Cocktail Shakers & Bar Tools

  • Branded Recipe Cards

  • Artisanal Snack Add-Ons

  • Branded Set Decoration

  • And More (we've always wanted to say that)

If you have an idea that you're looking to bring to life, think of us as your trusted experience planning partner, and reach out right away to help-us-help-you.