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Let us bring the bar to your team with our fun and informative team building breakout sessions.

how it works

Booking your custom team building experience with Happy Hour Academy is as easy as 1-2-3.  Once you've made the decision
to leap into our world with your event, one of our experts will reach out to you to plan your perfect 'lesson plan'. 

1. Pick your modules

The first thing we'll do is work through the curriculum for your program, and that means selecting what we're going to be
learning about as we get ready to shake, strain, and serve world-class cocktails to share with each other remotely. 

Module options include:

  - spirits-based training (vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, cognac, wine/beer, etc)

  - theme-based training (tiki style, nightclub bartending, house-party cocktails, holiday cocktails, brunch cocktails,
    molecular mixology, and more)

Remember, the more sessions booked, the more world-class mixology content we get the opportunity to cover. 
This means more cocktails made, more laughs shared, and more cheer for our remote teams in need of it more than ever. 


Our average client books 2.7 classes with us!

2. let us do the rest

This is when the magic starts to come together! Once the groundwork is laid out, our team of busybees gets to work to source
everything you need to be a world-class bartender at home for all of your friends and family.

Your class includes:

- Premium Home Cocktail Bartending Kit : all participants receive a full set of bartending tools with a gorgeous bamboo organizing
stand for each participant  (Pro-tip: custom branding opportunities exist for all of our kits). 

- Premium Home Cocktail Bartending Kit : a PDF guide to each module is provided, including a crash course on spirits,
technique tips, ingredient preparation, bonus recipes, and handy tips and tricks sure to wow your friends.
(Pro-tip: custom branding opportunities and printing options exist for all of our guides). 

- Optional full sourcing of ingredients : awant to get rid of all of the heavy lifting for your team? Let us source and deliver the
ingredients to your team.

(availability dependent on region and legal regulation therein)


We are fully platform agnostic and can work in any virtual event environment, or even host from our own platform. 

This kind of plug-and-play functionality means that you're in great hands for the happiest hour ever. 

In one hour, your team will:

- learn a new skill (or brush up on that old college skill)

- discover something new about the world of spirits

- show off their shake and strain technique for their friends

- engage and interact with their friends and coworkers

- enjoy at least one world-class cocktail made by their new favorite mixologist: themselves! :)

Additional Audience Engagement and Gamification Options exist as well. 


What are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started on your ultimate virtual team building idea yet.

This was the best breakout session ever, and I got a cool bar tools set that I kind of always wanted to have, which was a great bonus.

your teams, probably

Knowledgeable, funny, quick bites of content.  And margaritas.

The Cast of Hamilton...Ontario


Orlando Carreira is an award-winning and published cocktail mixologist based in Toronto, Canada,

Monogram Canada's Chief Mixologist, Swagger Magazine's Mixology Editor-At-Large,

with a client list that spans almost every vertical, featuring:

American Airlines, The Hollywood Reporter, GE Appliances.

Sanofi-Pasteur, Bombay Sapphire Gin, LG Canada, Maui Jim,

and many more.


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